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Our Pastors


Peter Nicotra


Peter Nicotra has been a pastor of Grace Baptist Church since September 2004. He has lived in New York City for most of his life and is committed to seeing the truth of the gospel spread throughout the NY Metropolitan area. He is an evangelist, preacher, and teacher who labors to raise up the people of God and bring in the lost. 

He has a Bible degree from Toronto Baptist Seminary. He and his wife Claudia have one daughter, Gloria.


Phil Sessa


God saved Phil in his teens, and began to use him in ministry both in his high school and on the suburban NY streets. He continues to labor in NYC's 5 boros, training churches and sharing the gospel on the streets. He has pastored churches in the Bronx and Harlem, and became an elder at GBC in 2018. He is committed to equipping the saints to follow Christ, and be fishers of men.


He is the director of Soulfishing Ministries and has a BS in Bible and an MA in Education. He and his wife have two girls.


Nick Vazquez


Nick Vazquez was saved during his time working in construction in NYC when God surrounded him with Christian coworkers. He did a one year pastoral internship at Grace Baptist Church and became an elder in 2023. Nick preaches, teaches, and leads the manger ministry, a biblically pro life outreach at our local abortion clinic.


At home Nick homeschools his youngest daughter, and he and his wife have four children.

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