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First Time?

We want your experience with us to be relaxing and refreshing! So there are a few things you may have questions about that we would like to answer.


What to Expect:


How should I dress?
Grace Baptist Church is a church of variety... feel free to come dressed up or dressed down. You’ll fit right in whether you are wearing khakis, jeans, or a suit.


What about my children?

Grace Baptist Church cares about kids. We encourage you to worship together with your children so please bring them with you.

What kind of church is Grace Baptist Church? 

Grace Baptist Church is a community-focused church founded in 2001. We are a healthy, balanced, and growing church. Everything we do and teach is based solely on the Bible and the person of Jesus Christ.

What happens on a normal Sunday morning?

Sunday mornings are a refreshing and enjoyable time. Sunday School, when in session, starts at 9:30 a.m. for children and adults and ends around 10:15 a.m. (varies, check schedule first), giving you some time to regroup with your family, visit with new friends, and prepare for worship.


Our worship service begins at 10:30 a.m. and typically lasts about 90 minutes. The service begins with a time of worship blending contemporary songs and traditional hymns. Some people sing and clap along; others might lift their hands humbly in worship; some might simply listen and reflect quietly. We invite you to be who you are and to seek God without any fear of hype or manipulation. 


After the reading of the Scriptures the Word of God is preached by one of our Pastors. The Word is preached in an expositional way – meaning that the text is explained and then applied to us today. We do have a time of offering where Grace Baptist Church members give of their income to the ministries of the church; please know that we do not expect our guests to feel that they must give in this offering. After the offering there is a time of weekly announcements, followed by a benediction. 


We traditionally partake of the Lord's Supper on the last Sunday of the month. 


After the service there is a time of fellowship and refreshments. This is a wonderful time to get to know people or catch up with friends. If you have any questions about Grace Baptist Church, one of our pastors would love to speak with you! After the fellowship and refreshments those who wish can “Stay and Pray” for 15 minutes.

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